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Emma Barrett's iKapa experience

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

4 Fun-Fact Questions:

Favourite South African food?

Milk tart for sure!!

Favourite spot to visit in South Africa?

Boulders beach with the penguins! Or Route 44 markets!

Funniest/most interesting South African phrase or slang word that you came across?

“Hey!” Just love it

Describe your internship experience in South Africa using only 3 words…

Inspiring, incredible, moving

Interview Questions:

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Emma (Emms) to most, and I live in the UK with my fiancée Matt and our little baby girl who is one years old! We are both teachers- I teach Food and Nutrition and Matt teaches Geography.

We both love working with children and inspiring them.

What first inspired the thought to want to go to South Africa?

I used to work full time in the head office of an organization in the UK that runs summer camps for school going children. Through working there, I heard about a camp which our organization supported called “CampAfrica” that is run in South Africa for children from lower economic backgrounds. I really loved hearing about Camp Africa and the things they did there. I also am very close with Nicola, Dee Moskoff (the founder & director of iKapa Impact)’s daughter - and have shared so many memories with her over the years and always felt so lucky to be able to visit her over in SA and stay with her lovely family.

What, in turn, actually made you decide to go to South Africa to volunteer?

I wanted to make a difference and experience it first-hand and give something back. Being able to help the most underprivileged children was so rewarding and special to me.

During your time at “CampAfrica”, where you volunteered, what impressed on you most about the children at mealtimes? Was there anything that you noticed about their approach to nutrition and mealtimes?

I was so impressed with their manners and sitting patiently saying grace and sitting at the table until everyone had finished. I could tell they loved their meals and always finished every single bite.

Did your volunteer experience influence your career path in any way?

Yes- it cemented the fact I love working with children and making a difference

What was the all-time highlight of your time in SA?

Everything. I love it, the people, the place, the weather! The food, the experience. everything. Thank you for having me and I would love to come back should the opportunity arise again!

What piece of advice would you give to new volunteers thinking about applying to iKapa?

Just be yourself, get involved, and go for it, the kids and leaders will love you for it!!!


Did Emma's story inspire you to look into this yourself? We invite you to apply and we'll look to match you with a project where you can make a real impact.

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