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Chelsea Aiosa's iKapa experience

4 Fun-Fact Questions:

Favourite South African food/snack?


What was one of the wildest experiences you had during your time in SA?

Trying Biltong

Quirkiest South African saying or slang word that you came across?


Describe your internship experience in South Africa using only 3 words…




Interview Questions:

What first sparked the thought of going to South Africa?

I always had a passion for travel and South Africa was on my bucket list, specifically Cape Town. I had taken a history seminar about Apartheid and I fell in love with a country I had never been to through photos, videos, and Instagram posts.

What, in turn, actually made you decide to go to South Africa for your internship?

I met Dee Moskoff (founder of iKapa Impact) when she was doing a presentation at my undergraduate university in Syracuse, New York. At dinner after the event, her and her husband, Ivan, instantly felt like old friends. We discussed internship opportunities, and I booked a plane ticket several weeks later.

Tell us about the project that you worked on while doing your internship.

I created the “Safe Spaces for Children Toolkit”.

What was your supervisor like and how did she help you with your internship?

Mariette was a wonderful office contact, mentor, and supervisor.

What was the highlight of your project?

Presenting my research and the compilation of my project to the member NGOs.

What new skills did you apply from the theory that you had learned at university?

Communication, organization, the ability to sift through and synthesize information.

What skills you learned from the NGO were new to you that has helped you in your future work?

Communicating well and presenting.

Do you think this internship will influence your career path in any way and if so, how?

It did wholeheartedly. It cemented my desire to work with at-risk youth, and now I am an attorney who devotes a part of her law practice to being a court-appointed Attorney for Children.

What was the all-time highlight of your time in SA?

Our trip to Robben Island or to Cape Agulhas.


Did Chelsea's story inspire you to look into this yourself? We invite you to apply and we'll look to match you with a project where you can make a real impact.

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