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Welcome to

iKapa Impact

Where your skills match a local need and make an impact in South Africa


Express your unique passions and expertise in a project that matters to you

iKapa Impact is a well-established volunteer and internship program. We have formed deep relationships with non-profit organizations in the Cape Town area that work to solve a wide range of social injustices in our communities.

We invite you to share your skills and passions which will help match you to organizations where you can make the biggest difference. This tailored approach has proven to be incredibly rewarding and meaningful for all past iKapa Impact interns and volunteers. 

Our goal is to ensure an enriching and impactful experience for both you and the organization you work with. We invite you to get in contact with us so we can learn more about you and what drives you!

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Tailormade experiences

  • Matched with highest impact projects

  • Boosts personal growth and development

  • Maximize social impact


When it makes sense for you

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  • No set start dates

  • You decide when to start

  • You decide how long to intern or volunteer for


True South African hospitality

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  • 24/7 support available by our local team

  • We are here for you during the entire internship journey

We are with you on your journey
to make a change
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- Dee Moskoff - founder of iKapa Impact

Hear what past interns have to say

"We offer structured, meaningful placements where volunteers and interns see the importance of their contribution toward responsible projects happening here in the local community."

Maxwell School of Citizenship

"The opportunity to interact with a diverse set of co-workers exposed me to the daily challenges of NPO work and reinforced the importance of taking my time in relationships to build rapport, trust and friendship... My three months in South Africa were easily the most challenging, but also the most rewarding, of my personal and professional experiences."

University of Stellenbosch

"While at Connect I was able to apply my technical knowledge, in a practical rather than a theoretical setting... This really provided a unique stepping stone for my career when starting out in the Financial Services industry. Owing to my ability to bring innovative solutions to the fray, largely thanks to my time at Connect Network working with the awesome team there."

Yale School of Management

"My visit to SA was priceless and unforgettable. I understood the South African mindset and behaviour which would help me in my work as a banker in African countries. I am confident that I could be a bridge between Japan and South Africa based on my valuable experience at Connect Network..."


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